• The Bel Air division is home to a former US National Champion and Team Member, Master CJ Chang. Master CJ Chang started his training at the early of 3 under Grand Master Se Yong Chang at the Baltimore division. Since then, Master CJ Chang has been one of the many prodigies in both the traditional martial art, as well as the Olympic sport of Taekwondo, produced by Grand Master Se Yong Chang. Master CJ Chang started the Bel Air division of the US Taekwondo Academy, which houses a wide array of programs from traditional martial arts, award-winning summer camps, annual sleep-over retreats, birthday parties, world-class demonstrations, self-defense workshops, bully-buster seminars, and competition team. The Bel Air division is conveniently located in the heart of Bel Air on Main Street, neighbor to the Bel Air Armory.


  • 109A North Main Street Bel Air, Md 21014