U.S Taekwondo Academy Video Orientation (approx. 3minutes)


The US Taekwondo Academy has been producing NATIONAL CHAMPIONS for nearly two decades.
Currently, the US Taekwondo Academy is the ONLY ACTIVE SCHOOL in the state of Maryland to not only produce National Champions, but also US NATIONAL TEAM MEMBERS! This year, brothers Gene and Richard Yang representing the Baltimore Division, both earned their rightful spots on the US JUNIOR NATIONAL TEAM, where they will both be competing at the 2010 JUNIOR WORLD TAEKWONDO CHAMPIONSHIPS in Tijuana, Mexico to represent the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Last year in 2009, the US Taekwondo Academy took a team of 17 competitors to the US Junior Olympics and Senior National Championships in Austin, Texas and returned with a medal count of over 10! Of these champions, Harford County's native Evan Bilsbury landed the GOLD MEDAL in his black belt division, landing him the title of NATIONAL CHAMPION (at his very first national competition experience)! This superb accomplishment on behalf of the US Taekwondo Academy landed us on The Aegis Newspaper on the July 31st of 2009 Issue.

This year, the US Taekwondo Academy is preparing an even larger team to compete at the US Junior Olympics and Senior National Championships in Orlando, Florida on the week of Independence Day! Please wish them the best of luck, as these committed athletes are the faces, champions and LEADERS of our society tomorrow!

Furthermore, President Se Yong Chang, Grand Master and Founder of the US Taekwondo Academy, has been one of the most significant figures in the State of Maryland. He was the former President of the Maryland State Taekwondo Association for 14 years, and is now currently the President of the US Taekwondo Scholarship Foundation. In the past few years, President Se Yong Chang has given scholarships of over $900,000 to committed Taekwondo practitioners throughout the state of Maryland, Virginia, DC and all throughout the States.

These astonishing milestones that have changed and touched many lives are few compared to the dreams and hopes of tomorrow. The US Taekwondo Academy is FAMILY, and there are no barriers; we are with you every step of the way to make your dreams into a reality!