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AfterSchool TKD

The U.S. TAEKWONDO ACADEMY is proud to introduce this wonderful opportunity for your family to join our Taekwondo family through our After School Taekwondo. The moral education of children is being increasingly weakened by the violence and crime we hear and see on television, radio and the internet. Coupled with the busy lifestyles of working moms and dads, the children of our society need structure, respect, discipline as well as positive morals and principles to follow. In today’s world there are more chances that children will learn immoral, unethical, and violent behaviors because of the lack of advice on moral values as well as unsupervised activities.

Our students will learn moral principles, etiquette, structure, the importance of teamwork, and self confidence. Taekwondo is integrated into this program to exercise their whole body and mind. An instructional training in moral principles will enable kids to build on their self-control, make distinctions on right from wrong using their moral values and practice proper conduct. Along with Taekwondo training, we also teach something very important in children’s lives, fun! By playing team games such as dodge ball and indoor soccer, children will make friends and have a good time being who they are. The USTA After School is a program made for the children. Instead of having children stay home alone or waste time watching TV, the USTA After School Taekwondo not only helps with homework but integrates Taekwondo, exercise, and fun so the kids are not wasting time but enjoying life.