Grand Master Se Yong Chang

was the first to establish and found the US Taekwondo Academy throughout all of our divisions. As an official 8th Degree Black Belt in the art of Taekwondo with over 50 years of Taekwondo and Martial Arts experience, he continues to envision a dream by being the current President of the US Taekwondo Scholarship Foundation. Grand Master Chang was also the President of the Maryland State Taekwondo Association for seven terms (14 years). As a former US National Taekwondo Team Head Coach manager for twenty elite athletes who competed at the 2002 Junior World Championships in Heraklion Crete, Greece, one of which was his very own daughter Master Youngshin Jennifer Chang who placed the Silver Medal at the Junior World Championships, Grand Master Chang has not only the essence of true Martial Art of Taekwondo from Korea, but also the elite Sport Taekwondo from traveling abroad. In addition, his son Senior Master Yong Seong Chang (“CJ”), was also on the US National Collegiate Team in 2003 where he traveled to Daegu, Korea to compete in the 2003 World Universiade Games to represent the United States of America. Not only is the US Taekwondo Academy the ONLY ACTIVE SCHOOL in the state of Maryland that still produces national champions, but if you are learning under the US Taekwondo Academy, rest assured that you are training with a family of champions!

Senior Master Joseph Pirczhalski III

proud student and teacher at the US Taekwondo Academy, Senior Master Joseph Pirczhalski III started Taekwondo at the early age of 10 years old. Master Joe graduated from Calvert Hall College High School and attended Towson University. He then attained his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 1999, with a minor in Business Administration. As a former US National Champion in 2004, Master Joe remains a significant figure in the US Taekwondo Academy competition team. Currently, he holds the title of Maryland State Vice President as of 2009. He is also one of the founders of the Johns Hopkins University Taekwondo Program.



Senior Master Yong Seong “CJ” Chang

proud son of Grand Master Se Yong Chang, started Taekwondo at the very early age of 3 years old. Graduating with Honors from Edgewood High School, Master CJ Chang attended the George Washington University with the Presidential Scholarship. He also graduated from the George Washington University on the Dean’s List with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Not only did Master CJ Chang shine throughout his academic years, but he was also undefeated in the competition arena. He currently stands tall at 6’4” with even taller competition records, some including: Gold Medalist at the US National Championships, Korean American Olympics 1999-2003, and he was the US Collegiate National Team Captain for the USA Team competing at the 2003 World Universiade Games in Daegu, Korea. Today, Master CJ Chang is a certified 6th Degree Black Belt who teaches students from as young as 2½ years old to 65 years old at his MAIN STREET DIVISION, as well as undergraduate and graduate college students at the Johns Hopkins University.


Master Youngshin Jennifer Chang

proud daughter of Grand Master Se Yong Chang, started Taekwondo at the very early age of 5 years old. In an attempt to follow the footsteps of her older loving brother Master CJ Chang, Master Jennifer also dedicated her life to her studies. Like her older brother, she also graduated from Edgewood High School with Honors. Recently in 2008, she graduated from the University of Maryland College Park with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice, and a minor in Human Development. However, in addition to academia, she dedicated her life to Taekwondo at a very young age, for she placed the Gold medal at the US Junior Olympic Championships as a yellow belt. Since then, she has been competing nationally and internationally, holding a title of Junior Pan American Championship Gold Medalist and MVP, Junior World Championship Silver Medalist, as well as National Champion and MVP at the US Collegiate National Championships. As of 2009, she remains the Athlete Representative in the Maryland State Taekwondo Executive Board to represent all athletes in the state of Maryland. Currently, as one of the very few FEMALE Masters in the world, Master Jennifer is a certified 5th Degree Black Belt who teaches Taekwondo at her CHURCHVILLE ROAD DIVISION as well as at the Johns Hopkins University alongside her older brother.


Master Julia Chang

proud daughter-in-law of Grand Master Se Yong Chang, Master Julia started Taekwondo at the age of 6. She learned Taekwondo from her father, Grand Master Myung Hak Kang. Master Julia, who was born and raised in Virginia, attended Langley High School. She matriculated from George Mason University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a focus in Public Relations. She was on the Communications National Honor Society, as well as Dean's List for several semesters. She studied abroad in Seoul, Korea at Yonsei University, where she continued her Taekwondo training. After several years of working the 9-5, Master Julia left Corporate America to pursue her dreams of running a fulfilling business teaching Taekwondo to children, teens, adults and families. Master Julia is a certified 4th Degree Black Belt who teaches students of all ages at the MAIN STREET DIVISION, with her loving husband, Master CJ Chang.


Master James Kim

proud student and teacher at the US Taekwondo Academy, Master James Kim started Taekwondo at the age of 10. Master James graduated from Perry Hall High School. His passion for teaching and Taekwondo has brought him joy to his life. Currently, he is a master instructor at two locations of US Taekwondo Academy - Bel Air and Churchville Road locations. He enjoys teaching children, teens, adults and families. He is an integral part of Team Chang, the school's elite, invite-only competition team, as he's traveled to U.S. Nationals for 10 years now as a coach and athlete.